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An important part of a successful event or retail space is a colorful and impressive flag. Flags are available in many different sizes, shapes, needs and uses. Thanks to the versatile bases, the flags are easy to install and use both indoors and outside. Most event flags are delivered in a convenient and easily transported carrying bag. Please note that strong winds may restrict the use of an event flag. Design your ideal event flag with our sales team.


Flyingbanner FlyingbannerFlyingbanner

Always delivered with two bearinged, lattice and earth spiked pedestals that allow free rotation. A water or antifreeze filled additional weight ring is optional. With the Flying banner, the biggest media space is at the top of the flag and is visible even when the lower structures prevent visibility. Thanks to the bearing feet, the flag stand turns easily in the wind and is not burdened by a tripod and rod. The teardrop shaped Flying banner is available in three sizes:
S (Small), height 260 cm, flag 185x90 cm
M (Medium), height 360 cm,flag 250x110 cm
L (Large), height 460 cm, flag 310x110 cm
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Delivered with spiral stand, suitable for soft grass, sand and snow surfaces. Overall height of the pole is approximately 550 cm, within which the flag is 440-220x85 cm. Not recommended for long-term flag use. Wind condition recommendation is for wind under 14 m/s. Request a quote.


Giantpole Giantpole jalka

Semi-fixed flag suitable for a telescopic pole and flag. Bar height is 550 cm, where the flag is 200-400x110 cm. Water, sand or antifreeze containers suitable for the tank stand are included in the package. Request a quote.



Smallest event flag for mainly indoor use and limited outdoor spaces. Total height is 200 cm, with a curved flag approx.180x50 cm.
An eye catcher in lobby spaces and shopping centers. Provided in a minimum 3 piece series. Request a quote.



Have you ever seen a football, baseball, ice hockey arena without flags?
We support all colors and teams. We manufacture fan club flags for hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball teams, motor sport, and orienteering clubs. The flag size can be freely defined, and the most common sizes are 30x50, 45X70 and
70x100 cm.
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