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Flags of the entire world

We print primarily on 100% polyester and 100% cotton.
Most commonly used in our flag and visibility product materials:

100% knitted polyester flag JETFLAG 115 gr/m2

emiglossy and lightweight material, flies easy in the wind with an excellent promotional value. The weather resistance of the knit is, however, not as good as that of the thicker cloth flag. The material is suitable for both digital and silkscreen printing.The FlagPlus durability treatment extends the  lifetime of the flags by 20-30%.

100% polyester satin JETSHINE 140 gr/m2

Shiny and lightweight material when luxurious images are wanted. Stunning color reproduction; in particular, images with water and the metals appear realistic. Used mostly for indoor advertising. Used with both digital and silkscreen printing.

100% Polyester JETSET 210 gr/m2

Powerful and vivid material due to its picture quality and features. For example, all roll up displays are equipped with this material. The multi-functional material is suitable for both exterior and interior use. Fire retardant exhibition stand fabric. Appropriate for both digital and screenprinting.

100% Polyester POLY PRO flag fabric155 gr/m2

Our most durable flag material on the market. Matte surfaced woven fabric with rich and powerful print colors. Excellent tensile strength and weather resistance. The extra long, soft, flexible, twisted polyesterfibers are highly resistant to extreme conditions by dividing the burden along the entire surface of the flag. In tests, the Poly Pro specialized fabrics have been shown to have an up to 50% longer lifetime compared to other materials available on the market. The material is available only as a silkscreen print.

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