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Printscorpio Oy is a member of the Nordic Flag Society (NFS)

The NFS discusses topical issues related to flags, and publishes professional literature including its own Flagkontakt magazine. The NFS meets annually, and Printscorpio Oy served as host at the recently held meeting in Helsinki, Finland in 2008. NFS is part of the global FIAV organization.

Printscorpio Oy is Santa's official flag factory

The Santa Clause Foundation helps Santa Claus help. The goal of the foundation is to promotes and maintain the idea of Finland as the proper Christmas country and the native home of Santa Claus, as well as create the conditions for the the use of this image for corporate and community activities. The Santa Claus Foundation's activities are supported by a large number of Finnish companies operating as suppliers of Santa Clause in their own field. When the Santa Claus Foundation's partners use the same, single-visualized Santa Claus and tell the same story about our Santa Claus, this reinforces the message about the home country of Santa. Santa Claus products are combined with Santa's very own symbol, a sign of good will. The values of the Santa Clause Foundation that serve as key thoughts behind all products and services are: authenticity, good will, cooperation and joy. The Santa Claus Foundation donates annually to the charity, Santa Claus' Gift, to the children of the world.

Printscorpio Oy is a Savonlinna Opera Festival cooperative partner

Savonlinna Opera Festival is the internationally most well-known Finnish cultural event and one of the world's leading opera festivals. Companies increasingly want to connect with Opera Festival image of quality and internationally geared reputation. Annually, more than 60 000 spectators from different parts of Finland follow spectacular presentations at St. Olaf's Castle and enjoy the opera festival atmosphere. Printscorpio Oy has produced the Savonlinna Opera Festival pre-event and event visibility goods since 2006.

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